Our Farm

Established in 1973, Horodynsky Farms is the premiere onion farming operation in Ontario with modern, state-of-the-art equipment for harvesting, storing, packaging and distribution.

Food Safety & Quality

We take great pride in our onions. To ensure our product’s quality and to give our consumers peace of mind, we comply with practices recognized system for controlling food safety.

Our Operations

Utilizing modern technology, Horodynsky Farms operates an integrated system which allows for the complete process to be carried out onsite, ensuring the freshest and highest quality onions.

Better Soil
Horodynsky Farms consists of over 600 acres located in the heart of the Holland Marsh-home to Ontario’s finest organic soil perfectly suited for growing onions.

Better Onions
Today, over 90700 tonnes of simply better onions are grown, packed and shipped every year to supply wholesalers and leading supermarkets.

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Food Safety and Quality
Horodynsky Farms recognizes the importance of a first-rate food safety program.

The operation’s integration allows greater control over each aspect of our food safety and sanitation practices, including: field history, growing, harvesting, cooling, processing, packing and distribution.

• Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)

• Independent Third-Party Audits

• Trace-Back and Recall Program

Horodynsky Farms have become leaders in building machinery and introducing new technology, including the world’s biggest sprayer with a 150ft boom.

Everything from planting the seed, maintaining the fields for optimal growth, harvesting and storing the onion, sorting and processing, and finally shipping are centrally managed to provide superior quality from start to finish.

This level of quality demands great attention to detail throughout the entire process and Horodynsky assures this by verifying that the product will exceed consumers expectations.