About Us

Welcome to Horodynsky Farms

Horodynsky Farms have been producing onions for almost forty years and built a reputation as being one of the nation’s premier suppliers of onions. From very humble beginnings the business has developed to over 3 locations and 600 acres under the control of Boris Horodynsky who still plays the primary active role in the running all aspects of the business.

In the mid 1980’s the Horodynsky enterprise was transformed by the investment in new location to organic soil farmland in Cookstown Marsh. This investment, like many more today has radically changed the business and enabled it to scale up production. Horodynsky operates an integrated system which allows for the complete process to be carried out right on property. Horodynsky grows, washes, packs and distributes all of his products onsite enabling him to carefully control all aspects of production.

Innovative thinking and persistent hard work has always distinguished Horodynsky Farms from its competitors. With a modern, state-of-the-art  facility and husbandry expertise, Horodynsky  Farms is the leading source for the freshest and best yellow and red cooking onions Ontario has to offer.

Today, over 90700 metric tonnes of Grade A onions are grown, packed and shipped every year to supply wholesalers and the chain supermarkets.